What should have been but never was.jpg

Issue 1

Ingrid Calderon


she'd eat handfuls
of volcanic soil
to supplement
my growth

when night came
streets dark
power out
foot soldiers
up steps
through wild trees
machete hands

foggy skies
tinged with
& rosy trumpets

beneath feet
rumbling magma
impending on the pulse-
no need to worry
night follows day

hail sedates
the crackling rooftops
like small bombs
shattering sleep

cold fruit
on hot tongues
mimic peace

my deficiency
hand to mouth-
fertile farmland
in the belly
fill me
till I sprout

Ingrid Calderon is a Salvadoran refugee residing in Historic Filipinotown. She's published in Leste Mag, Electric Cereal, Dryland, Seafom Mag, Anti-Heroin Chic etc... After writing 3 chapbooks, 'Things Outside', 'Wayward' & 'Zenith', she continues the mischief by scribbling nonsense into verse.  She hopes it resonates. Find her on Twitter @BrujaLamatepec

Emily Corwin