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Gabriel Oladipo


It  was your idea to  flash  the crowd at  that
Fourth of July  parade. And to  find wedding
dates on Craigslist. Weird, but very fun.

Sometimes  you’re a  party watched  from a
phone. New clothes volume hair  and I don't
know how you do it. Foggy mirror eyes and
I don't know how you do it.

When  sunny  you  eat  and  scream.  When
pissed  you  crash  down sidewalks, hot and
sloshing like a bleeding heart.

My first brush with tenderness was when I’d
puke at parties and you’d hold my hair back
as though afraid to break it.


The Wedding


In photos she looks like a frightened foal.
My mother in heels,
Hair barely up to Dad’s shoulder.
In this photo she’s blank
Gaze and legs half-heartedly
Cocked beneath her dress
Like some unwilling hunter
Whose gun fell
In her lap.

Gabriel Oladipo currently lives in Tucson, AZ, where he studies English and Creative Writing at the University of Arizona. His poetry has appeared in Blue Stoat, Oxidant | Engine, and Soundings East. Follow him on Twitter @gabe_ola. 

JD Thornton