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Emily DeTar Birt

Chop It All Off

Do you know the pain
Of a 130 pound man
Hanging off your skull?
The strands tug like chains
All on their own
They didn't need the extra weight
No one asked permission
To make my head their doormat
My golden locks a perpetual rug
Stained with the mud of soiled human feet
Tug after tug of possession
Shooting pangs into my temple
How much weight is one woman
Expected to bare?
This is not the kind of love I wanted
As you helplessly hang off my body
I furiously cut off all that weighs me down
I hear the thud of your discarded body
I jump into the briars myself
Happy to finally be bleeding
On my own terms

Emily DeTar-Birt is the minister for the Unitarian Church of Staten Island. She graduated from the College of Wooster with a BA in English and Philosophy, and went to Union Theological Seminary.  When not writing sermons, she writes poetry. She is honored to work with Bad Pony Magazine. 

JD Thornton