Alrisha Shea

Ad Infinitive

Deep in my heart, lodged in the
cardiac muscle, there is a knobless
door made of lead.

I was born violent / I am born
violent / I will be born violent

Deep in my heart, a knobless
door made of lead does not budge. It
does not change.

I have ripened / I am ripened /
I will ripen

Deep in my heart, lodged in the
cardiac muscle, there are knobless
doors made of lead.

I have died / I have been
risen / I will come again

Deep in my heart, knobless lead
doors swing open. Floods pouring into
my bloodstream. Beautiful fruits

to bear / to be bearing / to
have born

Deep in my heart, a knobless
door made of lead. If only I could
repent. Had repented. Would repent.

If only / If only / If only / I could die

Let my heart / ripen like / a plum
and fall from / the annals / of my chest;

Hornet’s Nest Anthem

I’ve tasted the beehive between my thighs, thick and ripe with honey.
How I’d love to slam
a baseball bat against it, smoke out the wasps with perfume and pussyjuice.
My hookup tells me, “You look so pretty with a cock.” I want to tell him, “Yes,
but I'd be pretty without one.” I didn't. I only lived that lie
in the back of his car. The door swung into the night
and flew into the air. I was an outfield flowerpicker, EpiPen between my thighs. Some time
passes, and
I’ve sharpened my feet into shoes of their own, the body
wearing the body at last. I would hit home runs in stilettos, bliss out on mead,
and no one would call me tranny. Fate is a terf and I wish she was dead.

Alrisha Shea is a 17 year old non-binary high school junior planning to go into Bioinformatics in undergrad. Their work is published or forthcoming in Golden Walkman, Occulum, Polyphony HS, and more. They have no website, but feel free to follow them at @alrisha_s on Twitter.

JD Thornton