Mission Statement

We are a very bad pony. Maybe we have always been that way. Maybe we had a particularly bad childhood where instead of hay or grass, we were fed a large amount of Starburst. Or that we drooled while parents were taking pictures at the petting zoo. Maybe it is the fact that we often steal carrots from pockets or give children a little nip if they petted us too much. But we digress.

We want stories and poems and art that speak to our bad selves, that sit sullen in a corner sucking a lollipop, trying to satisfy an oral fixation. We want pieces that smoke in the high school bathroom and play hooky, that whinny and wake the neighbors up, that jump the fences at night to root around in the neighbor's trashcans for some watermelon rinds.

Our aesthetic:

  • pink
  • gurlesque
  • Edgar Wright movies
  • ballgowns
  • tarot cards
  • crushed velvet
  • Lisa Frank
  • Four-Legged Girl by Diane Seuss
  • John Darnielle (prose and lyrics)
  • fairy tales
  • twee
  • costumes
  • Your Mom
  • Beloved by Toni Morrison
  • witchcraft
  • taffeta
  • glitter, sequins, rhinestones
  • Bone Confetti by Muriel Leung
  • "Thanksgiving in Mongolia" by Ariel Levy
  • Alissa Nutting
  • Joy Division
  • I am Not Sidney Poitier by Percival Everett
  • riot grrrl
  • Twin Peaks
  • The Blair Witch Project
  • Halloween (the holiday as well as the 1978 film)
  • "Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey"
  • The Fire Next Time by James Baldwin
  • Sugarblood by Liz Bowen
  • liquid lipstick
  • Pink Flamingos