Rachel Tanner

World Famous Shakes

I remember the floor. I remember the
lip of the raised-lid toilet in front of me & my nausea
trying to aim but my head rolling sidewaysforward with
                                                             no control
all adult of me
all 27-years-wrong of me
There’s nowhere safe when your body starts
hurting you so waiting it out always seems like
the only option.

My eyes are fluttering here from black again &
blur-opening on the dirty linoleum tile again &
I'm shaking again & I can't get my throat to shout again &
where is my cell phone again & am I even breathing again &
I don't know
what's happening again.

Rachel Tanner is an Alabamian writer whose work has appeared in Anti-Heroin Chic, The Atticus Review, Tenderness Yea, and elsewhere. She tweets @rickit.

JD Thornton