Jasper Wirtshafter

Snow Globe

beautiful boy in dad glasses hands me cardamom cocoa.
              blizzard outside, windows fog with cozy heat. under
              quilt, goose feathers make it snow inside too. boy
              makes malas, I curl into his flannel. this time last year, I
              wanted to die. now, crows cackle circling overhead,
              trees naked and shiver. clouds low, make the world
              small but boy's 250 square feet apartment is plenty. it's
              december and I have not left bed today, everything I
              want within reach. we have enough eggs and beer to get
              through the storm.

Jasper Wirtshafter is a trans poet and Master of Public Affairs student living in the least terrible town in Indiana. He performed with F Word Performers, a queer feminist art collective, for four years. His work has been published in Drunk in a Midnight Choir, Black Napkin Press and elsewhere.

JD Thornton