Ashley Miranda

aries sun ; scorpio moon

lash out fever girl. charts state you should be at the wild rumpus. your shadow flees and your body thumps. charts state you should be ravenous. peculiar how creaks send you in a frenzy. seize up when sounds rupture your heart, symptoms secure you in a stasis. while you watch the stars fuck, note that you shrink under their lights, under their eyes. charts say you’re wild fire. life says you’re embers, dying in your own hands.



    no one asked lazarus about the fog she wore as veil in the depths of a cave

    she unhinges and sobs, she wanted to be dead or undead, maggots crawling

    from her uterus to devour any man who thought lazarus was an enticement

    fuck, her face is bruised pink and orange from the aftermath of humility

    did you think, did you ask lazarus if your humble fondling of her

    senses was a necessary movement? she’d fallen once, she’d fall again

    but this time she won’t be some passion project for you to resurrect

Ashley Miranda is a latinx poet from Chicago. Her work has been previously featured by the Denver Quarterly, Yes, Poetry, Rising Phoenix Review, OCCULUM, and Glass Poetry Press. She tweets impulsive poetry and other musings @dustwhispers. You can find more about her and her work at agirlaloof.com

JD Thornton