Sage Shemroske

The Day the Early 2000s Died

You know those Lisa Frank blue and pink dolphins that look like they’re eye fucking?
I want that kind of intimacy
            Manic Pixie Dream School Supplies

I want my hangover vomit to leave a chalky holographic glitter residue
on my gapped teeth
                         And a smile like a rare Pokémon card

I think I own a fleshy dildo that reminds me of one of those gel tube things full of glitter we all used to have
            But nothing is more romantic than the distinct damp smell of a scholastic book fair

I will carve my own last name all over a copy of Kim Gordon’s autobiography in gel pens
Here is a mix CD of all my insecurities and self loathing that have followed me into adulthood,
I don’t have a car to play it in

I went to a Harry Potter themed party last weekend
and only felt buzzed
Witchcraft is in right now
Cosmo says to hex your ex with vaginal magic
I wish I could go back to the days of not knowing that blood could leak from me

I want to light up a whole apartment with only stick-on-glow-in-the-dark stars
They will look so sweetly nostalgic that I will become sickly
and cut down on the utility bill

I feel like one of those dinosaurs you drop in water only to watch it expand

Hey kid, come here
if you trade places with me
I will show you where Limited Too keeps all the on sale shorts that say “dance” on the ass
Just promise you won’t skip class//   
                                                            use weed to fall asleep//
            think you’re too cool for your parents

Let me tell you what a Daddy/Daughter dance means now
Let’s gossip
            Can you keep a secret?
Don’t let the wetness of alcohol and glitter coat your throat
Don’t let the Popular Girls bully you for not crushing on Abercrombie models

Don’t be in such a hurry

Sage Shemroske is one of many queer poets working out of the Chicagoland area. They have few credentials but they do have a therapist who encourages them to write things down. Find them tweeting things that would make their dad uncomfortable @witchxtits and their website at yaimakeart.wordpress.com

JD Thornton