Meghann Boltz

The Rules of Attraction

‘she always knew it was going to be like that’


 walk down Sunset Boulevard

in the ultramarine glow

of my body

snatched by aliens

drink warm milk

from the q-tipped ear

of a former child

star now a hologram

better looking than

the original

but sadder too

so when he moves

those glittery lips

to tell me

i am highly favored by the aliens


the fate of the world is in my belly


the fate shall be named


i can see that he already knows

i won’t be the one

to save us

instead i’ll bury

it under the lawns

now dying of thirst

at the Hollywood Forever


where i have been delivered

to lounge eternally on

pink & blue

webbed vinyl

smoking platinum Cigaronne’s

& blinking     

into the sun.

Meghann Boltz is a poet living in Buffalo, NY. She recently completed an MA in Creative Writing: Poetry at the University of East Anglia and her work has appeared / is forthcoming in Cosmonauts Avenue, Peach Mag, glitterMOB, Dream Pop, and Lor. Her first chapbook rebel/blonde is coming June 2018 from Bottlecap Press. 

JD Thornton