Maria Sledmere


A glow, liquorice
stuck and caustic
lip-blistered love:

a sweet piece of junk
email, how does she
condition the retweet

each excoriation
some sentiment of
or else which

that iterative trap
that kills its warm
slick beat

like this, like this
the melt warm ridge
of glabrous darkness

forms sickly anise
in the yolked stomach
muscles softening

for call of what
for dulcet unremembered

there the rancid bit
curls in medicinal
adversity, leaf

shedding elementals
culturing skin
of tobacco, lip-bitten

imprint of loose
inflorescence, the deep
valley sun

in its heady complexity,
rich glycerine
harvest of autumn.

What remnant, what
caught ingestion
would clarify light,

would reap
little flakes from
florid morphology

all bulbous runners
with white shoots
chewed angelic parasites.



Undulate, face melt
the plexiglass leaves
in their stagnant pool
exact certainty, a sunlit
silent ripple, chromatic
parody of light in motion-

less time
ripped sparkle of vinyl
pulsate sound, recorded

liable craquelure
all glassy attainable
climaxing light

feels so full in lieu
of absence, presence
crushes the loose

bloom of rotten roses
starring the heart
of a spinster’s cheeks, 

a terrible engine
for worthless blushing, 
the touch underneath.

Maria Sledmere is a Glasgow-based writer, critic and MLitt Modernities graduate. She co-edits the post-internet poetry zine SPAM, edits Gilded Dirt and is a regular features/reviews contributor to music blogs GoldFlakePaint and RaveChild. Recently, she collaborated with producer Lanark Artefax on a new materialism-inspired multiplatform exhibition called The Absent Material Gateway, sponsored by the Red Bull Music Academy. Recent work can be found in Adjacent Pineapple, Datableed, L’Éphémère Review, Fluland, From Glasgow to Saturn, Numéro Cinq, Occulum, Sphinx zine and Zarf. She tweets @mariaxrose. 

JD Thornton