Jamie O'Connell


whisper your bones away—coal mining contaminated juice—you wander into
hallways—wake up each morning—body frozen in whirlpools—memories of tunnels—
I waited for you—watched you—green eyes of oblivion—lifting soil—pulling dirt from
your chest—driving into snow banks—washed away—leave behind mosquito wings—
liquid your dried scab wounds—beds under highways—squeeze succulents grown in
pots—litter houses with wind chimes—graffiti on sidewalks—squash the spiders—
sleeping on my bed—& wipe away what’s left—of this head

Jamie O’Connell lives in the Bay Area, where she received her MFA in Writing from California College of the Arts. Her poetry can be found in Menacing Hedge NewfoundForth Magazine, and elsewhere. She spends most of her time with her majestic zebra-striped dog/direwolf, Daisy. Visit her site here: www.jamieoco.com.

JD Thornton