Jackie Sherbow


We played with metal and lights
and drank beer and stayed up
until three watching the olympics
despite my moral objections. I
was sunburnt and ocean damp
and then rain wet. I'd become
obsessed with the faces of athletes,
lean broad swimmers, just before
and after their trials. Everyone
brought their own thing to the viewing
and I felt like I could be that girl,
the one doing a handstand, heels
propped up against the wall,
smell of dirty hotel carpet
near my face, finding a way
to be alone and still seem together.

Jackie Sherbow is a NYC-based writer and editor. Her poems have appeared in Luna Luna, Day One, The Opiate, and Bluestockings Magazine, and as part of the NYC-based Emotive Fruitionperformance series. She works as an editor for two mystery-fiction magazines and Newtown Literary, the literary journal of Queens, NY. 

JD Thornton