Susan Milchman


dangle me into the belly
of your beast

dare me to be the girl

who doesn’t know her mother

you can skin my pearl
you can split my spine

just promise to sew me up
with a fresh axis

one that spins
to the tired bellow
of territory undiscovered

praise the life i live

pity the life i learn from

watch them braid
into a hungry sin

see how far i’ll go
to show you bravery

see how far i’ll go
to show you fear

i’ll move my hips

until i feel the world
go limp beneath me

i’ll chop down every tree
just to hear the sap sing

Susan Milchman’s poetry has appeared in Glass, A Journal of Poetrybramble & thorn (an anthology from Porkbelly Press), Rogue AgentRust+MothRufous City Review, and elsewhere. She lives in Minneapolis by way of Washington, D.C. and has a degree in Journalism from the University of Maryland. Find her on Instagram @susan.milchman.

JD Thornton