Courtney Leigh


resurrection of the blighted heart
i release my baby to the surface
of another cold stained body

soul flies to the ethereal barn
blood-shank & tankard
barn doors fling open & pour

a breath of air means worse death
than of the water that consumes me
when breath of air means
i’m hollowed out & guilty


it’s not enough merely to survive
to hide in the woods wild incarnate
half-hanging off the plank

of this world & the next
my purple bloated body
in reflections of the light
a cross that confounds me

Courtney Leigh is the author of the chapbook, “the unrequited <3<3 of red riding hood & her lycan lover (Dancing Girl Press, 2016).” She is a Kitchen Witch brewing healing magick for C&C Apothecary, & is The Bowhunter of White Stag Publishing.

JD Thornton