Amy Pence

Dangerous Blonde

                        Glutted with extras, the film

                        churns on.  As the second

                        reel loads, I face you

                        near the concessions, fantastical

                        creatures take up space

                        beside us.  You

                        comment on my hair

                        your eyes constantly roving


                        to the mammaries of others.

                        No matter, our secret’s safe.

                        I won’t let on that once

                        you rooted in my body,

                        without my permission, then moaned

                        into your pants.  That night

                        I buried your name in my lawn,

                        your car was torched by Tuesday.


                        After the cinema, no one talks to me

                        the entire walk home, my shield

                        impermeable, though

                        I watch their thoughts,

                        winking exit signs.

A.Pence has published one chapbook—Skin's Dark Night—and two full collections, The Decadent Lovely, and Armor, Amour.  Honored with the Claire Keyes Poetry Award and published in The Antioch ReviewThe Oxford American, and Juked, her forthcoming hybrid book on Emily Dickinson-- [It] Incandescent-- is forthcoming from Ninebark Press.

JD Thornton