T.K. Williams

Pro Wrestling Love Poem #8

You have blood in your mouth
by which I mean
that after the match,
the ref gave you a tiny red capsule
and you went to work on it
just like your opponent went to work on you
by which I mean
you really are committed to this
and you know
you don’t always have to look handsome
to look good
by which I mean
you know it’s good
for your fans to see you suffer
every once in a while
by which I mean
you know you need to stay human
by which I mean
I mean, you work with a man called
The Beast Incarnate
by which I mean
someday you’ll need a lot of medicine
by which I mean
if you know how much hate can hurt,
then you must know how much love can heal
by which I mean
I will don my black and white striped shirt
and take my heart
and place it gently on your tongue
by which I mean
even when it’s a dangerous place,
I know I am safest
inside of you.

T.K. received a BFA in creative writing from the University of Evansville, where her professors constantly told her "write what you know."  Little did they know that this would eventually lead to an attempt at a series of pro wrestling-themed love poems.  Part of her hopes they never find out.

JD Thornton